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Nepal Gramodhyog Herbyukt Fresh & Clean Hand Wash 500ml

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Neapl Gramodhyog Fresh and Clean Hand Wash is Anti Infectant and Antibacterial hand wash. It is the Herbal product, no harmful chemicals used. it has Power of neem, tulsi and tea tree oil. 


Nepal Gramodhyog Herbyukta Fresh and clean hand wash is a herbal hand wash that kills the germs and keeps your hand clean.

Quantity: 500 ML

Brand: Nepal Gramodhyog Herbyukt

Category: Bath Soap & Hand wash

Country: Nepal

• Made from different herbal extracts, neem, tulsi & tea tree oil

• This product is powerfull cleaner and does not harm your skin.

• For clean and fresh hand use Nepal Gramodhyog's Herbyukt Hand Wash.

• Anticeptic and anti bacterial

• Fresh, Clean and Herbyukt 


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