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\images\products\Horlicks chocolate delight.jpeg
Horlicks Chocolate delight - 500 gm
NPR 355.00 NPR 368.00
3.53% Off

Fat-free mass, making the child stronger

\images\products\Horlicks classic malt refill pack.jpeg
Horlicks Classic Malt 1 kg refill pack
NPR 570.00 NPR 600.00
5% Off

Nutrients to support immunity

\images\products\Horlicks classic malt  pack.jpeg
Horlicks Classic Malt 1 kg
NPR 725.00 NPR 752.00
3.59% Off

Nutrients to support immunity

\images\products\Horlicks classic malt refill pack.jpeg
Horlicks Classic Malt 500g refill pack
NPR 290.00 NPR 304.00
4.61% Off

Nutrients to support immunity

\images\products\horlicks classic malt 500gm.jpg
Horlicks Classic Malt 500gm
NPR 370.00 NPR 400.00
7.5% Off

Nutrients to support immunity

\images\products\Horlicks for mother vanilla .jpeg
Horlicks for Mothers Vanilla 500 gm
NPR 898.00 NPR 890.00

DHA for brain development

\images\products\horlicks junior original 500gm.jpg
Horlicks Junior Original 500 gm
NPR 450.00 NPR 456.00

Energy drink for kids

\images\products\lite horlicks regular malt 500gm.jpg
Lite Horlicks regular malt - 500 gm
NPR 480.00 NPR 500.00
4% Off

Nutritional needs of Adults

\images\products\Natures way Kids Smart multi Vitamin with vegies.jpg
NATURE'S WAY Kids Smart Multi Vitamin and Vegies 60 caps
NPR 1760.00 NPR 2000.00
12% Off

Nature’s Way Kids Smart Multivitamin

Multivitamin Tablets

Quantity: 60 caps

\images\products\Vitamin d3.jpg
Scitec Nutrition's Vitamin D3
NPR 1800.00 NPR 2050.00
12.20% Off

Scitec Nutrition's Vitamin D3

Vitamin Supplement

Clinically Proven


\images\products\Scitec Essentials daily vitamin.jpg
SCITEC ESSENTIALS Daily Vita-Min 90 caps
NPR 2760.00 NPR 3250.00
15.08% Off

Daily Vita-Min is an advanced multi-vitamin and mineral formula with 27 active ingredients. It features a high-dose Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, and an increased level of Vitamin D (to 1000% NRV), along with essential minerals including Selenium, Zinc and Chromium.

\images\products\caltol tablet.png
Caltol Tablets - 30 Tab
NPR 675.00 NPR 712.00
5.20% Off

- Calcitriol

- Calcium & Zinc Capsules

\images\products\kleida eternal antioxidant anti-aging depigmentary serum.png
Kleida Eternal Antioxidant, Anti-aging & Depigmentary Serum - 30ML
NPR 2675.00 NPR 2815.00
4.97% Off

20% Vitamin C blended with glutathione & ferulic acid natural anti-oxidant provides a potent and holistic approach towards rejuvenating sagging, tired, dull aged and pigmented skin.

\images\products\mk vit capsules.png
MK-Vit Capsules - 10Cap
NPR 245.00 NPR 256.00
4.30% Off

Owing to the presence of our expert team members, we are able to offer a wide range of MK Vit Capsules.

Mahiron - 10 x 10 Capsules
NPR 152.00 NPR 160.00
5% Off

Carbonyl Iron, Vitamin C, Folic Acid, Cyanocobalamin & Zinc Sulphate Capsules.

\images\products\mybery softgel capsules.png
Mybery Softgel Capsules -3 x 10 Softgels
NPR 528.00 NPR 600.00
12% Off

Cranberry Fruit Extract Softgel Capsules

\images\products\CAD BOURB VITA JAR - 500GM.jpg
NPR 256.00 NPR 256.00

strong bones,strong muscles,active brain

\images\products\Natures way Kids smart Vitamin C plus zinc.jpg
Nature's Way Kids Smart Vitamin C and Zinc - 60 caps
NPR 1750.00 NPR 1950.00
10.26% Off

Nature’s Way Kids Smart Vitamin

Quantity: 60 capsules

\images\products\Natures way kids smart multi vitamin for fussy eaters.jpg
NATURE'S WAY Kids Smart Multi Vitamin - 60 caps
NPR 1750.00 NPR 1950.00
10.26% Off

Vitamin Supplements for Children


\images\products\Scitec Nutrition's Vita-C 1100.jpg
Scitec Nutrition's Vita-C 1100
NPR 2160.00 NPR 2400.00
10% Off

Scitec Nutrition's Vita-C 1100

Vitamin Supplement

Clinically Proven


\images\products\Giggles Fruits Teether.jpg
Giggles Fruits Teether
NPR 300.00 NPR 325.00
7.69% Off

Funskool brings you an attractive and appealing floral teether for your baby. A unique surface texture with fruit taste for the discomforts that kids may get.

\images\products\pran pomegranate juice 1l.jpg
PRAN Pomegranate juice - 1L
NPR 210.00 NPR 220.00
4.55% Off

Pran Pomegranate juice is tasty fresh Pomegranate juice that gives you energy to kill your mood swing. Refresh you. Mixture of all drink.

\images\products\bambino sonapapadi 200gm.jpg
Bambino Sonpapadi - 200 gm
NPR 230.00 NPR 240.00
4.17% Off

Sweet Tooth lover's favorite high quality food . Tasty delicious desert perfect for celebration.

\images\products\yajabi makai ko pitho 1kg.jpg
Yajabi Makai ko pitho - 1 kg
NPR 125.00 NPR 130.00
3.85% Off

High quality product made from finely grinded dry corn.